HPREP Calendar 2019

The program runs from 10AM – 1PM on the following dates:


Session Lecture Topic Small Group Activity

Saturday 10/12/2019

1 Lecture Tools + Study Hacks/ Eye Anatomy & Physiology

Dissection of cow eye. Testing pupillary eye light reflect. Research project assignment.

Saturday 10/19/2019


Brain Anatomy & Physiology

Dissection of sheep brains. Testing of patellar and achilles deep tendon reflexes. Research project brainstorming.

Saturday 10/26/2019

3 Kidney Anatomy and Physiology

Dissection of sheep kidney. Abdominal exam. Continued project brainstorm.

Saturday 11/2/2019

4 HPREP Career Day with School of  Health Professions

Panel Discussion, Graduate School Fair, Mock Interviews/Resume Building

Saturday 11/9/2019

5 Heart Anatomy and Physiology

Dissection of sheep heart. Vitals are Vital. Learn to take blood pressure and pulse.

Saturday 11/16/2019

6 College Prep and Advice of an Admission Director

How to give an effective presentation. Final work on research project and practice presentation.

Saturday 11/23/2019


Final Ceremony

Final presentation. Family and friend reception.